Here we gather the drivers for this model for Windows XP 32 bit operating system. The reason for this is because there are applications that don’t work on Windows 7 (work only on XP).

Below are given links of the drivers:

  1. ASUS X54C Audio Driver XP
  2. ASUS X54C Chipset Driver XP
  3. ASUS X54C Hotkey Utility
  4. ASUS X54C LAN Driver XP
  5. ASUS X54C MEI Driver XP
  6. ASUS X54C USB3.0 Driver XP
  7. ASUS X54C VGA Driver XP
  8. ASUS X54C Wireless Console
  9. ASUS X54C WLAN Driver XP
  10. ASUS X54C WLAN Driver 2 XP

For this model is not so important whether it will be installed with AHCI or will be on Compatible Mode (IDE).

If you want to install the XP with AHCI drivers, you will need to install the AHCI driver from floppy during the installation of the XP. This model don’t accept the AHCI driver after the installaton of XP.

Here on the link below is the AHCI driver that you will need for this model: