ASUS K53U series are cheap, with low performance. They work good on Windows 7, but they work better with Windows XP. Because on the official ASUS site there are only drivers for Windows 7 we give you the drivers for Windows XP.

Here we have the drivers for Windows XP 32 bit operating system.

  1. ASUS K53U Audio driver
  2. ASUS K53U LAN driver
  3. ASUS K53U ATK Acpi driver + Hotkey Application
  4. ASUS K53U WLAN driver
  5. ASUS K53U AMD chipset + VGA driver
  6. ASUS K53U Bluetooth driver
  7. ASUS K53U Bluetooth Driver 2
  8. ASUS K53U WLAN Driver 2
The drivers are tested and work fine with Windows XP Professional SP3.
Additionally we add the AHCI driver for this model:
      8. ASUS K53U AHCI SATA driver
In some previous post we explain how to install XP with AHCI driver, but that was the case for Intel AHCI Controller.
Here we have AMD chipset and AMD AHCI Cotroller. Here we have to install the AHCI driver from floppy during the Windows XP installation (“F6 floppy”).

If you could’t handle this, just switch the SATA mode in BIOS from AHCI to IDE and you will install the Windows XP with the standard installation.

Here we have the Unboxing of ASUS K53U .