ACER Aspire 5750Z is a laptop with good performance and is meant to work on Windows 7. So that’s why the manufacturer give drivers only for Windows 7. But there are users that have some limitations and need to work on Windows XP. Because on the official site there are no drivers for Windows XP, we provide you the drivers for Windows XP 32 bit operating system.

Here are given the links from where you can download the drivers:

       1. ACER Aspire 5750Z Audio driver XP

       2. ACER Aspire 5750Z Card Reader driver XP

       3. ACER Aspire 5750Z Chipset driver XP

      4. ACER Aspire 5750Z Intel(R) Management Engine Interface driver XP 

      5. ACER Aspire 5750Z LAN driver XP 

      6. ACER Aspire 5750Z VGA driver XP 

      7. ACER Aspire 5750Z WLAN driver XP

      8. ACER Aspire 5750Z AHCI Driver XP

You will also need a Hotkey Application (Launch Manager) .

Now let’s talk about Windows XP installation.

If you don’t have integrated AHCI SATA driver pack in your Windows XP installation CD, you cannot install Windows XP with AHCI support. You need to enter the BIOS (F2 on the startup) and change the “SATA Mode” from “AHCI” to “IDE”. After this, you can install Windows XP on the standard way (standard Windows XP installation). But in “IDE” mode the hard disk work on lower speed compared with the “AHCI” mode.

If you want to install Windows XP with AHCI SATA drivers follow this link.